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A new 3-year collaborative Leverhulme grant: "Synaptic morphodynamics (SMD): information processing by mechanical movement" - PI: Mikko Juusola (Sheffield) and PI: Paul Verkade (Bristol) - will start in September 2024

06 March 2024

We will soon be looking for post-docs - stay tuned.

Alice's Nature paper is out now!

Bumblebees socially learn behaviour too complex to innovate alone

See also the cool Nature video about the research

06 March 2024

Hip hip hurray!

Back working in ESRF

06 March 2024

Keivan's graduation ceremony and family visit

06 January 2024

Happy families

Planning exciting new research in Oxford

05-06 December 2023

From eye development to active vision

Barbara and Cora from Edinburgh visiting

04 December 2023

Linking Morphodynamic sampling with robotics

New ESRF grant (LS-3339): “How do ultrafast morphodynamic synaptic adaptations enhance visual information flow?”: 9 shifts on the ESRF beamline ID16B (C07) in Grenoble, France, in Spring 2024.

We will study how the fruit fly (Drosophila) photoreceptor synapses adapt to light stimulation. In the classic view, neurones are immobile, and their information transfer quantal, with neurotransmitters released from similarly-sized vesicles. Our new results are now changing this view by showing that synaptic communication is morphodynamic: when adapting to light changes, their structures move and are reshaped dynamically. Using Drosophila as our model, we aim to understand how X-ray stimulation, which activates photoreceptors like visible light, adapts synaptic transmission. Employing high-speed X-ray imaging and electroretinograms (ERGs), we will analyse photoreceptor terminal activity with Drosophila's consistent eye layout aiding synapse identification. Extending our prior work on photoreceptors, we will capture real-time axon terminal movements, synaptic vesicle changes, and ERGs under X-ray and visible light. Our objective is to discern how synaptic morphodynamics enhance vision.

04 December 2023

Visiting Femptonincs in Budapest (II)

07-11 November 2023

Performing experiments with the 3D Atlas system.

Visiting Femptonincs in Budapest (I)

23-25 August 2023

A real pleasure learning about the new technologies and getting to know the Femptonics team.

Cora from Edinburgh visiting

2-5 August 2023

All the fun in mixing neural signalling with engineering

Celebrating our new BBSRC & NSF grant with a swim

03 August 2023

Any excuse to dip in.

A new ~4-year collaborative BBSRC & NSF grant (BB/Y000234/1 – 2022BBSRC-NSF/BIO) "Generating New Network Analysis Tools for Elucidating the Functional Logic of 3D Vision Circuits of the Drosophila Brain" - PI: Mikko Juusola (Sheffield) and PI: Aurel Lazar (Columbia University, NY) - will start in early 2024.

02 August 2023

We will soon be looking for post-docs - stay tuned.

Visiting Lena's and Alistair's labs in Durham

31 July 2023

Joni and Mikko made a quick trip to the University of Durham to collect some interesting insects for collaborative research.

Joni's working visit to Sheffield

27 July 2023

Joni is back working with Mikko to collect new data and advance our high-speed imaging system.

Zhuoyi visiting the lab

25 July 2023

Zhuoyi Song (of our alumni) from Fudan University, China, visited us

Visiting Barbara's lab

12-13 June 2023

Great time in Edinburgh working on our joint EPSRC grant.

A new video of our research in the University of Sheffield Player

06 June 2023 

James passed his Viva - PhD superior

19 May 2023

All together now: For he's a jolly good fellow! ...

James and Mikko Visited Chromacity Lasers in Edinburgh

19-20 April 2023

Sea swimming time!

Keivan passed his Viva - PhD extraordinaire

06 February 2023


A new TUoS Public Engagement Development Fund grant "Insect inspired stereovision" - PI: Mikko Juusola (Sheffield) & co-I: Joni Kemppainen (Sheffield) - will start in mid-February 2023.

26 January 2023

This project aims to (1) record new outreach-optimised high-speed microscope imaging data from insect compound eyes, (2) use this data with computer graphics simulations to produce high-quality videos/animations of how insect stereovision works for the University Player and (3) edit illustrative clips of these as supplementary videos for our future publications.

A new 3-year BBSRC grant "New insight into functional eye evolution: seeing the world through moving photoreceptors" - PI: Mikko Juusola (Sheffield) - will start in late spring 2023.

9 November 2022

This project aims to study functional eye evolution using insects with unique lifestyles and eye architectures, in which photoreceptor microsaccades can be recorded with powerful in vivo assays.

A new 4-year collaborative EPSRC grant "Insect-inspired depth perception" - PI: Barbara Webb (Edinburgh) & co-PI: Mikko Juusola (Sheffield) - will start in Feb 2023.

24 October 2022

The core aim of this project is to translate insect visual depth perception to robot systems. 

Mikko's new talk in World Wide Neuro | Sussex Vision Series

1 August 2022

Keivan's dueling swim farewell

31 May 2022

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye, adieu!

Debarati visiting

25 April 2022

Welcome, Debarati.

Debarati Bhattacharya from Elzbieta Pyza's lab (Jagiellonian University, Krakow) is doing some research with us for a couple of months.

As a lab initiation, we took her for a cold swim - of course.

Oulu research visit

29 March 2022

Keivan and Mikko gave talks at the University of Oulu, Finland. The Kaleva newspaper made a nice story about our collaborative research. And of course, there was some ice swimming.

Dr Ben

16 March 2022

Many congratulations to Dr Ben, who just passed his video viva!

Dr Ben and lab mates celebrating

Japanese film crew

23 February 2022

NHK (Japanese equivalent to BBC) visited our lab in filming a documentary about Miyamoto Musashi (a well-known 16th-century Samurai warrior), who could capture houseflies with chopsticks. We did fly experiments to show what kind of superior visual abilities Musashi was fighting against.

Visiting Cairn Research

12 February 2022

Keivan and Mikko visited our old friends at Cairn Research in Faversham, Kent and had a refreshing lunch and sea swim.

Celebrating our latest big paper

21 January 2022

Let's celebrate good times!