Sidhartha Dongre

Alumni: PhD student


I am a final year PhD student, with an interest in adaptation, morphology and behaviour. My project has utilised various techniques to investigate two main subjects:

  1. How well the Drosophila optomotor response matches changes in the electrophysiological function of the fly's early visual system, (studied using open-loop, flight simulator experiments).

  2. Does light adaptation correlate with synaptic vesicle size in synapses between photoreceptors and Large Monopolar Cells, (studied initially using aldehyde-based fixation and Transmission Electron Microscopy).

A final part to my project has been to 'adapt' the electron microscopy protocol to allow the use of High Pressure Freezing and Automatic Freeze Substitution, so as to achieve better temporal control of the adaptational stimulus and enhance image quality for analysis.

Outside of my PhD I am a lover of modern or experimental music and film, things outdoors related, a keen hill walker and a budding photographer. In light of the latter, I have recently ditched digital for analogue and have set up a home darkroom.

I also publish two, separate blogs about my photography and outdoor pursuits, which you can view at the following links: